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SPORTS BETTING INDEX was founded in 2000 to help punters with all aspects of internet betting as the phenomenon of online gambling took off.
Whilst the site has changed and developed over time the core beliefs remain the same: being independent, honest and open.
Newsletter 19

This week we take a look at BetTrader - probably one of the best tools you can use for trading on Betfair

BetTrader was designed and developed by Adam Todd, one of Betfair’s most consistently profitable traders. Adam turned a starting bank of £200 into over £100,000 by trading on the short term price fluctuations of the favourite horse on UK horse races before the race started. Without ever watching a race or picking up a formbook he won 9 out of 10 races before the runners had even left the stalls and at one point went 8 months of full time trading without having a losing day. In 2005, after getting tendonitis in his right arm from the millions of mouse clicks needed to refresh and submit bets to Betfair's website, Adam developed the first Betfair trading software application, called BetTrader .

Its purpose was to give him live price refreshes and to allow him to submit bets at any price with only one click of the mouse, and Betfair's first ladder interface was born. BetTrader  was the only Betfair trading application to have a ladder price display which displayed prices vertically and it became an immediate success. BetTrader completely revolutionized how thousands of people used Betfair, and it is still the most popular Betfair trading application on the market today.

In 2009 Adam Todd decided to completely re-write the BetTrader  interface to make use of modern browser technologies. Completely re-written from the ground up by a pioneering team of developers, BetTrader  Evolution is the most innovative and intuitive Betfair trading platform on the market today. It is a browser based software application that displays live updating Betfair markets in your internet browser, allowing you to place bets faster and more effectively than is possible with the Betfair website. The streamlined bet submission processes allow you to place bets with fewer clicks and less mouse movement. The extensive trading tools can also place bets for you automatically when predetermined conditions are met.

There are three modes available

BetTrader  training mode
The training mode links to Betfair as normal accessing all the same data. The difference is that the trading bank on the training mode is fictional. All the other functions are the same. This is very useful for learning how to scalp markets on Betfair.

BetTrader  Evolution Free Mode
The free version updates less often than the turbo mode. This is the main difference. It is much easier to scalp movements in odds on the paid version than the free version. The free version is ok for trading football markets but not so good for scalping horse races

BetTrader  Turbo
A much faster version with updates up to 20 times per second which is needed if the trader is to profit from small movements in the odds. The user interface has been designed for scalping in that there fewer screens and clicks to make to complete scalps. There are also very flexible subscription offers to suit all needs.

Whether you bet or trade on Betfair, and no matter which sports markets you prefer, Evolution will transform your performance and vastly improve your user experience on the worlds biggest betting exchange. Using Evolution makes trading more automated and less emotional, giving you a greater chance of success.

To check out BetTrader  and its brand new V4 edition launched last month click here
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