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SPORTS BETTING INDEX was founded in 2000 to help punters with all aspects of internet betting as the phenomenon of online gambling took off.
Whilst the site has changed and developed over time the core beliefs remain the same: being independent, honest and open.
Newsletter 20
At the beginning of this week a friend called round and was surprised to hear me on the phone trying to place a few bets as he thought I did all my betting on the internet. He was rather taken aback when I told him I was banned altogether from some bookmakers and that others I could only place bets by phoning in. The vast majority of people have no idea that this happens especially if they have no interest in betting. He also asked if any bookmakers existed which didn’t turn away winners to which I answered probably only the one - Pinnacle Sports and having explained to him how they work he was astounded that no-one else has copied their model. This did get me thinking - how many people have never really looked at Pinnacle so thought I would do a bit more of a thorough review.

Pinnacle Sports are located in Curacao, Dutch Antilles and came online in 1998. In that early phase of internet gambling most bookmakers were battling for business using bonuses as their main weapon. Pinnacle however offered bettors a unique alternative to other bookmakers. They use a gimmick free approach simply focusing on offering great odds and high betting limits for every market they provide.

They operate a unique low margin-high volume model that distinguishes them from a traditional bookmaking approach, they don’t take positions, but let markets shape themselves. This is only possible because they have refined a unique combination of exclusive technology, and expertise in odds-setting, that no competitor has been able to match, let alone better! Pinnacle therefore actively welcome successful bettors - in fact they need them for their models to succeed. Their model requires the volume that serious bettors bring, and the betting behaviour of sharp bettors informs them, this then gives them the confidence to provide the best odds and highest betting limits online.

Pinnacle’s website and betting screens are as sophisticated as its bookmaking style. Many books use the ASI software platform, however their website is almost unrecognizable due to in-house developments. I would have one criticism in that finding bets can be somewhat “laborious” compared to others. It is a shame that they don’t offer each way betting on golf but they do have a huge range of 18 and 72 hole matchups with betting limits you could only dream of at some books.
Customer service is handled purely via email - there are no telephone numbers to call but I guess that keeps their overheads down and emails are always answered very rapidly

I guess the big question is why has no-one copied them? I think that UK or even European based bookmakers, or rather the accountants who run them, are scared of running such a model as it is so alien to what they are used to.

Some punters based in the UK don’t like betting offshore - to my mind they are losing out big time where Pinnacle are concerned. If you haven’t tried them yet I suggest you do - there are no special offers or bonuses just the chance to bet with no fear of being closed down if you win - quite a refreshing change in this day and age! If Carlsberg did bookmakers…
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