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SPORTS BETTING INDEX was founded in 2000 to help punters with all aspects of internet betting as the phenomenon of online gambling took off.
Whilst the site has changed and developed over time the core beliefs remain the same: being independent, honest and open.
Newsletter 30

I will admit that the new government regulations in the UK re Bookmakers had rather passed me by but on closer inspection over the past few days it rather fills me with dread as to the future of gambling in the UK and how wrong the UK government and the Gambling Commission have got it.
The way I see it is that the whole ethos behind anything government does with gambling is to stamp out gambling addiction but they really have shot themselves in the foot here. The implementation of a 15% tax on gross profits on bets placed by UK residents has seen the swift withdrawal from the marketplace by SBObet, Pinnacle, Mansion etc and I am sure they won’t be the last. What worries me is that these are the only bookmakers who will actually lay a decent bet to customers and we are left with the other end of the spectrum with bookmakers who want you to play bingo, poker and casino games plus those dreaded FOBT’s - these addictive types of games are exactly the ones that the government is trying to curb.
Some punters will say we still have Belfair - very true - but with the gradual reduction in their real competition surely this is a bad thing in the long term for the punter as they will find more ways of taking more from you.
I admit to speaking from my pocket but this government was supposed to stand for freedom of choice and getting away from the “Nanny State” - this policy is totally at odds with this.

The Gambling Commission has been shocking in its supposed protection of UK punters - all you have to do is look at the recent debacle with BetButler where I saw the writing on the wall many months in advance but they took no heed of a constant barrage of complaints from players not being paid. By the time they eventually revoked their licence the horse had well and truly bolted.

There is a solution for UK punters who still want to bet with the likes of Pinnacle and SBO among others although what I am about to say may seem odd in the light of what I have just written about BetButler. There is a company called SportMarket based in Malta who act as a “broker” for players who want to bet with these books all from one handy account. The crucial difference is that they are not really acting as a broker - they are placing bets on a clients behalf and they earn their money by getting a very small percentage of volume turnover from the bookmaker in question. In a way there is also a massive benefit to punters who sign up for SportMarket as they also have access to a whole host of other books such as IBC, ISN, Samvo, Matchbook all from one simple account!
They are constantly improving and adding to their offerings - indeed today they will be adding NFL to their portfolio so now is the time to act - to sign up simply follow this link SportMarket and put two fingers up to the Gambling Commission!!


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